Who We Are



We are focused on and driven by the relationship we have with our clients. We work to develop a relationship with each client. When we are successful, this relationship will result in our working with them, and their friends and their business associates for several generations of transactions.

Our Success Is Simple
We are relationship oriented and driven.
The majority of our business is repeat and referral.
Your interests take priority when we are managing your transaction.
We manage your transaction for you and we do it professionally.
You become part of our professional family. We are here for you now and the next time you need us!
We are focused on and driven by the relationship we build with our clients. We work to develop this relationship with each client. In that relationship, our client knows that we will do our utmost to accomplish the sale or purchase of their home to their advantage. When we are successful, this relationship results in them directing their business to us and that of their friends and business associates, usually for several generations of transactions. So while we invest more time in each transaction than most Realtors, we have to spend less time developing new prospects because our clients do that for us!

We manage each transaction, from start to finish, as if it were our home (and our money). Each of us put our clients interests first. Our clients see (and like) that professionalism and focus and they respond with loyalty (and referrals!). Our covenant with our clients is a simple one, yet one that is all too rare in these times. The proof of the concept is that well over 85% of our business comes from repeat transactions with our clients or referrals from them or other Realtors!

Many Realtors today are purely transaction oriented. They focus on the transaction and on their immediate profits. All too often, the hundreds of decisions involved in marketing a home are made with the clients interests a distant second in priority. We feel that our approach gives our clients, and us, the advantage.

How Our Success Becomes Your Success
At The Treadway Realty Group, we USE technology to merchandise your home. Others have a web site, usually a generic one or one that presents your home exactly like every other Realtor does. That’s because we took the time, and money, to design and build our own… a web site that greatly simplifies home search, that makes it easy to search by neighborhood, by map… to search like real people do. We set each of our listings up with it’s own web page and we use that web page to market the home and pre-qualify prospects. We use it to manage and track the showings (and other administrative issues) that go into selling a home. Our web site allows prospects to set up an automated search and notifies them when a listing fitting their profile hits the market.

Each time your home is shown, that event is captured by system. We monitor showings almost hourly to follow up with agents, to get market feedback on the house, analyze those comments and work with you to improve the presentation of your home. We also use this feedback to deal with objections raised by the prospective buyers. We help the buyers agents sell their clients on your home by selling it to the buyers’ agent as a good choice. When you consider that upwards of 97% of all home sales are through Realtors and that 20% of the Realtor community sells around 80% of the homes, it is easy to see why we focus on these follow up efforts.

Fact is, Realtors don’t SELL homes. Realtors market and merchandise homes and then manage the transaction. As your Realtor we present your home to the marketplace in an attractive, honest way. We expose your home to the Realtor community and the marketplace and we KEEP doing that. If the Realtor is good (and we are) they merchandise the home properly and make sure that, when a real, qualified buyer shows up, the home is properly presented, skillfully merchandised and the transaction is well negotiated.

Then we make sure that the transaction is managed every step of the way to closing. That is why we have clients for whom we have sold and bought as many as 5 homes and that’s why our clients recommend us to their friends.

We’d like to make you a client, too.