Top Tips To Help You Sell Property In Spain

Are you planning to sell your property in Spain? If the answer yes, then this article will help you a lot.
In this article, I’m going to give you some top tips on how to sell property in Spain to get the best out of the selling process.


Listen to your surveyor

Before you begin the process, ensure that you get a rough idea of things that can affect the process of selling your house. This will allow you to fix any problems before you put your house on the market or enable you to familiarise yourself with areas that may present themselves as potential negotiation points. You should ensure that your property is completely ready for sale.

These tips were provided by several established Tenerife estate agents.


Sell your property without furniture

Potential buyers want to build your house into their own home and want an empty house. Presentation also matters and this is why it is good to ensure that your house is always tidy to attract prospective buyers. You can achieve this by de-cluttering all areas and by fixing any DIY projects that are fixable.


Avoid signing any exclusivity agreements

Talk to local agents as they know about the area. Talk to the agent whom you bought the property from as he or she knows how to sell it again. Other than the local agent who sold you the property, you should also talk to other local agents as they also know the area. Doing this will optimize the audience that your property reaches as many agents will be promoting your property.


Have all documents ready and prepared

Talk to your lawyer and estate agent and ensure that you have all the reports and documents required in advance. For instance, you should have an efficiency certificate to confirm your property’s rating. Pass all these on to the estate agent to ensure that they are able to answer questions asked by potential buyers. Doing this also speeds up the selling process after you have found a buyer.


Be ready for a quick sale

It is important to ensure that your house has no issues before putting it on the market. If you have anything that needs to be fixed, tell the potential buyer about it. You should also know what you will do after selling your property. Will you find another home to buy in Spain? Or will you repatriate back to the United Kingdom?


Consider your exchange rate

In case you are planning to repatriate funds from the sale back to the United Kingdom, you should know that the exchange rate can dramatically fluctuate between the time when you accept an offer and the day the process is completed.

Before selling your house, look for a currency transfer specialist like Transferwise. A currency transfer specialist will talk you through the best options and offer you a better exchange rate than your bank. It may also be a good idea to ‘fix’ your rate for up to a year to ensure that the price of your property in sterling does not change during the selling process.

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